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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How You Doin?


How You Doin?

Hi, "how are you doing?" Some people would say it's more of a greeting than it is a question. Most people answer "fine" because it's the easiest. However, in my opinion the question we ask so many others on a daily basis could be used for much more. We are missing opportunities to genuinely connect with others. In the article, Four Ways to Make That Human Connection We All Want states “Keep casting your net... sometimes you end up connecting with an unexpected person.” A common everyday question can help you learn something, or determine ways you could be of service. Questions, among other things, give others the opportunity to learn, share, think, and grow.  Besides, what makes us different from other animals is our ability to connect to on spiritual level.  We shouldn’t waste an opportunity by dismissing it as common everyday greeting.

The next time you are asked, how are doing? Project a positive attitude, which will result in a positive and genuine interest on behalf of the person asking. Reply, fine and you, but don’t let it end there. Let it lead you to further dialogue.

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