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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Erik Ravelo Using The Lens For Social Change

Living Through The Lens

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Cuban artist Erik Ravelo uses the lens of his camera to instigate social change. In his piece "Los Intocables,"which translates to "The Untouchables," is what Ravelo refers to as a "human installation," featuring a variety of issues plaguing children around the world.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@missd11232

The first picture represents the pedophilia in the Vatican. The second represents the numerous child sexual abuse that happens during tourism in Thailand. The third represents the war in Syria. The fourth refers to the trafficking of organs in the black market where most victims are children of poor countries. The fifth refers to weapons free in the US, and the sixth refers to obesity blaming fast food companies.


According to The Huffington Post Erik Ravelo work has been banned by Facebook and censored by the Cuban government.

When asked if he planned to fight the online censorship, Ravelo responded: "I am not even that interested in fighting; I am more interested in promoting my work." Read More | HuffPost Arts & CultureControversial Art Project Addressing Violence Against Children Is Censored By Facebook (NSFW PHOTOS)

Erik Ravelo states, "The right the childhood should be UNTOUCHABLE" Do you agree with Erik Ravelo?

What do you think about this project? Does it it shed light on some of societies darkest secrets?

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