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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Prayer For The Children Of The World


Heavenly Father, 

My spirit is vexed by so many stories of children being mistreated in one way or another God.  Father God, children are a blessing from you and should be cherished for the love that they bring Heavenly Father.  Lord, I cry and I mourn for every little broken heart. God I stand in the gap for all those that cannot pray for themselves.  God Protect and keep them, and allow YOUR will to be done in their lives. Strengthen those that are weak God.  Plant a hunger for your love and your way inside all hearts.  Lord, there is nothing more pure than the heart of child. Hold them in your arms of love, make all mankind good stewards of the precious gifts we have been given. Transform the minds of anyone seeking to harm children God.  Give us all the courage to stand in love for those that are not strong enough to protect themselves.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord, I pray 


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