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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Talking Technology | Digital Parenting


"Parents who aren’t concerned about their kids’ safety on the internet may be burying their heads in the sand. Cyber crime is increasing and the internet is ubiquituous in the lives of our children." ~ Schuyler Kuhl

Parents today must contend with something that was not on the radar for parents before us. The influence of digital media is a primary concern for today's parents. In addition to talking to our kids about stranger danger, drugs, sex, alcohol,  bullying, and more; we must now add internet safety.

You shouldn't be discouraged. Where there's a need, you will often find a response.  

Here are a few resources to help parents navigate our ever evolving digital era.

Tools You Can Use | A resource for helping parents make sense of the digital world. The website provides support to lead the public towards positive development.

The Official Blog of Brighthouse Networks |Download and Share Infographic “10 Cell Phone Rules for Parents”

Via Science Daily E-games for kids: How to avoid the dangers

Good Read | The Center on Media and Human Development Northwestern University released an informative report Parenting in a Digital Age: A National Survey.

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