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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Feel For You

Walking The Illuminated Path


The word empathy does not appear in the Bible, but the Scriptures do refer indirectly to the characteristic or quality of demonstrating empathy, which is defined as “the capability to share another's emotions and feelings.” Read More via Got Questions

Practicing empathy in life requires you to be other focused.  Everyone needs the empathic skill in order to adapt, make good decisions, collaborate effectively and thrive. We are better citizens when we allow ourselves to feel for others.

Empathy vs. Sympathy vs. Compassion

Empathy is an emotion that often overlaps with feelings of sympathy and compassion.

“Empathy is essentially the process of being in tune with, and experiencing the same feelings as the other person. Basically when you put yourself in someone’s shoes you are giving yourself a chance for empathy. This is a key ingredient for the best helping relationships. If we cannot experience what the other person is experiencing, it is hard to truly understand them. One barrier for empathy can be our own discomfort with experiencing those feelings.”Source: Will Meek PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Feeling for others opens our hearts to act. Remember that trial you went through? It wasn’t in vain.  It was but a seed of empathy to allow you to relate to someone else.

In community we build stronger ties when we can relate to one another. It helps to know that someone has been where you are, and made it through. People are more apt trust you if they sense that you understand.

Empathy is a valuable trait to possess. You can make genuine connections with others when you practice empathy, and execute tasks more efficiently.

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