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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Symbol Of Love


Love Symbols

In The News Paris announced that it would remove the “love locks” from the Pont des Arts bridge. Couples add a lock to the bridge and throw the key in nearby rivers. The tradition has become a burden and a safety concern.

The symbol of love is outward expression of the love shared by the individuals at the time. Although the bridge may be removed the sentiment remains.

To the human mind symbols are cultural representations of reality.  It’s a primitive urge to want leave a mark and outward expression of our experience.

Maybe you can remember carving your initials in a tree, doodling your love’s name on your notebook, or writing love letters ending with a kiss followed by countless xoxo’s. Symbols of love are part of our mating ritual.

Wedding Rings

The most widely held symbol of love is the wedding ring.  Many couples incorporate the exchanging of rings as part of their ceremony, but do you know the history of tradition?

“The first explicit description of the ring’s usage seems to come from Isidore of Seville, who became archbishop of that city in 595. He wrote: "The ring is given by the espouser to the espoused either for a sign of mutual fidelity or still more to join their hearts by this pledge; and therefore the ring is placed on the fourth finger because a certain vein, it is said, flows thence to the heart."”
Source: Biblical Perspective, A Look At The Wedding Ring

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People create symbols all the time.  Symbols are not to be worshipped or to be made into idols. Worship is for God alone. However, symbols are helpful in our walk together.

The Role of Symbols

  • Symbols are a witness to what was.
  • Symbols are reminder of what is.
  • Symbols are outwards expression of an inward feeling.

What do you share as a symbol of your love? Do you find the symbol helpful on difficult days?

Thanks for reading Illuminated Living, and remember to leave your love light on.

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