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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Burying Your Head In The Sand

Light Over Darkness

"Burying your head in the sand does not make you invisible it only leads to suffocation." ~Wayne Gerard Trotma

Burying your head in the sand will not make problems go away. Burying your head in the sand leaves the rest of you exposed without sight and the ability to see and make cognitive decisions. We must face life head on, and take the appropriate actions to change our conditions. The opposite of avoidance is engagement. Engage in life altering behaviors that change your life for the better.

7 Ways to Combat Avoidance

  1. Be Creative 
  2. Live Fearlessly 
  3. Take Personal Responsibility
  4. Be The Change 
  5. Keep Your Body In Motion
  6. Be Honest With Yourself 
  7. Practice Life Long Learning

"Avoidance without control can be a limit for our freedom, a lessening of our life experience." ~ Francesca Moresi, Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Avoiding your issues will not make them go away.  Avoidance may compound your problems and give you more to overcome.  We must learn how to cope without avoiding.  Remain empathetic and gentle with yourself and others. There bad behaviors we should avoid in life; but practicing avoidance as a coping mechanism can prove counter-productive. What we repress we don't address. The problem will still be there once we pull our heads out of the sand. The sooner we address it, the sooner we can get on with living life more abudantly.

We want to live full and free lives, and we can't do that if spend time avoiding the things that make us uncomfortable.

Take Care, and thank you for reading Illuminated Living.

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