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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Diversity In Tech


In light of the Google Manifesto the discussion around women in technology is at the top of everyone’s mind today.

In the memo, James Damore took particular aim at Google’s recent emphasis on unconscious bias training, effectively claiming that hiring women and minorities is lowering the bar. Damore has since been fired.

Sure women are biologically different that is exactly why we belong the tech space. Instead of expending energy explaining why we deserve to be in the room I would rather show and prove. 

7 movers and shakers listed in a recent post by Appointment Plus .

Lighthouse Shoutout (Women In Tech Leaders)

Heather Payne
Megan Smith
Teresa Carlson
Del Harvey
Kimberly Bryant
Suzan Delbene
Anjula Acharia

Image credit: Research Triangle Park

We must create the change, and network with those that believe in a vision of inclusion.

What are your thoughts? Share your experiences.

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