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Monday, May 14, 2018

Stick With It

Motivational Minute


Via Inner Self

Tenacity, also labeled perseverance, persistence, and stamina, is a useful component of the power of strength.

Tenacity provides us staying power. Drawing forth tenacity during unsteady circumstances means not giving up prematurely and remaining committed in our stand-ability, persistently acting with confidence.


I affirm:

Divine strength is my spiritual name and nature. I AM strong, stable, and steadfast in body, mind, and spirit. I AM the power of stand-ability, anchored to the shore while the winds of change swirl around me. I am centered in truth during times of instability. I am rooted to GOD, my source of strength.

By spiritual strength, I am confident, courageous, and determined, faithful to the truth I know. I am responsive from my position of spiritual strength. I claim these divine attributes, trusting they are part of the intelligence within the very cells of my body and throughout every dimension of my being.

I appreciate my limitless power to stay strong in all circumstances.

I AM spiritual strength, stable, courageous, and tenacious.

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