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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Digital Diet


“Research has shown that it takes 31 days of conscious effort to make or break a habit. That means, if one practices something consistently for 31 days, on the 32nd day it does become a habit. Information has been internalized into behavioral change, which is called transformation.” ~ Shiv Khera via Brainy Quote

Reclaim Your Time

As the season of resolutions and good intentions are in full swing, many are resolving to curtail their tech usage. Since time is limited resource, we should all be more mindful of our screen time. Our digital diet shouldn’t deter us from living to our fullest potential. 

If you feel uneasy about your tech habits, and want to become more intentional about how you use your phone this year, here are some strategies to help you take control:

Get A Clear View of Your Current Usage – Most Social Media Sites have incorporated usage monitoring. Apps like Quality Time and Moment help to monitor usage.

Turn Off As Many Push Notifications As Possible – Most are just triggers to engage your attention and unnecessarily.

Delete Overused Apps From Your Phone – Only Use from a desktop.

Make Your Bedroom A No Phone Zone 

Do App Housekeeping – Declutter and Delete apps that are aligning with your goals and purpose.

Budget Your Time

Illuminated Bookshelf | The Digital Diet: The 4-step Plan to Break Your Tech Addiction and Regain Balance in Your Life Book by Daniel Sieberg

There’s no one way to control your digital diet but we can seek to learn how to use technology in a healthy way. Technology is tool and not the master.

What tips do you have for balanced digital diet? Leave a comment. 

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