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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Dark World Of Content Moderation


Content Moderators

Tech Quote via Mashable

"AI doesn't yet grasp context and gray areas. The struggle between free speech and censorship keeps humans necessary in the undesirable role." 

Current Events 

Bloomberg reporting Facebook Grappling With Employee Anger Over Moderator Conditions. In a message to employees and on its public blog, the company defended outsourcing of content moderation.

A recent Verge article brings to light the dark under world of content moderating.

Documentary The Cleaners reveals content moderators in the Philippines who are relentlessly bombarded with violent, graphic, and disturbing images and videos. 

(Video) via CBC News

Regulating Online Content

To solve the problem, we need action—ideally, coordinated action—at multiple levels.

Technology companies are already experimenting with artificial intelligence and other tools to identify hateful content and at times block it. Excerpt Law Fare Blog

Georgetown Law Journal
Opinion | via 
"It’s time to think seriously about regulating platform content moderation practices. A sensible regulatory regime can discourage harmful content and still protect free speech."

Next Steps

We have identified a major problem of the open web, but now how do we fix it?

The burden is on all of us to address what could be one of largest humanitarian workforce concerns of our lifetime. The content on the internet comes from the minds and hearts of real people, and adverse effects of cyber security is real.  We owe a great deal of gratitude and support to the people that keep the world wide web safe place to browse.

The Human Cost of Online Content Moderation by By Andrew Arsht and Daniel Etcovitch via Jolt Digest explores what companies and governments are doing to combat the issue.

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