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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Streaming Services


Streaming – Definition: a method of sequentially transmitting an audio or video presentation, as over the Internet: the data is playable as it is being received, rather than only after it is completely downloaded.
Are you a Cord Cutter ? Have you switched from PayTV subscriptions to Internet-based streaming services?  Many people keep their cable networks for the sake of receiving local news channels. Have you heard of STIRR? STIRR is a free streaming service for local news.

According to Statista 69 percent of U.S. households reported having a subscription to a streaming video service in late 2018 while 65 percent were paying for regular television. 41 percent were also subscribed to a music streaming service while 30 percent were paying for a gaming service.

NPR reports, for the first time in many years, there's growth in online piracy of film and TV. Some experts say it may be because fans are getting sick of paying for yet another streaming service.

Streaming Services In The News (Apple)

On Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook hosted Oprah, Steven Spilberg, and other celebrities as Apple unveiled Apple News Plus, its premium news service; Apple Arcade, its gaming subscription service; Apple TV Plus, its streaming service; and a physical credit card called Apple Card.

Tax On Streaming Services

Tech Quotes

"It is expected that states will keep trying to find a way to tax streaming services, especially as they proliferate and continue to cut into sales of movies and music albums that are already subject to state sales tax. The best and most legally-sound approaches seem to be those taken by Washington and Pennsylvania, which modified their existing sales tax laws to cover streaming." Source: Accurate Tax
 “We have upgraded our technology. We have increased our competition but we have never updated our statutes to keep up with the times,” ~ Conrad Kiebles (IL) via Illinois News Network

Tax Updates State by State | Download | PWC Report "The disparate state and local tax treatment of digital streaming services"

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