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Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Path To Higher Learning

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Education (College Admissions)

The path to higher learning is not equal or fair.  The rash of recent college admission scandals brings to light just how corrupt college admissions can be.  This week it was announced that the college board is instituting "Adversity Scores" with SAT college admission requirements. The SAT is adding an 'adversity score' that will quietly let colleges track a student's wealth and privilege.

(CBS News) College Board CEO defends "adversity score" for SAT takers

(TIME) What to Know About the College Board's SAT 'Adversity Score'

What Does It Take To Get To Higher Learning?

The path to college in America usually consists of grades (merit), SAT/ACT test scores, involvement with extracurricular activities, college applications, recommendation letters, and last but least finances (money).

Although roads are not created equal and system isn't always fair and impartial.

Acknowledging that all colleges look at test scores and grades, a Georgia Tech article goes on to suggest the real driving factor behind admissions is the school’s mission, or the reason the college says it exists. Yes, you could be a great student with high grades in AP Everything who was president of every club in your high school. Still, if your essays and teacher letters don’t indicate that you understand the college’s reason for existence, the Georgia Tech piece suggests that would be reason enough for them not to take you, since their review process would likely reveal that there isn’t a “fit” between what the college is looking for, and what you have to offer. Excerpt Huff Post, College Admissions Isn’t Fair. It Also Isn’t Simple
The 1995 film by late great filmmaker John Singleton could have very well been written in 2019.  In the movie John weaves together the stories of privilege, student athletes, social injustice, and racism.  Watching the film back now almost seems prophetic.

Higher Learning Movie Quote

Professor Phipps: One's primary purpose at university level is to learn how to think.

Life isn't fair but we must persist for the love of all things righteous and true.

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