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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

United States Cracking Down On RoboCallers



A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot. Robocalls are often associated with political and telemarketing phone campaigns, but can also be used for public-service or emergency announcement.  

In 2019 Americans received over 5.2 billion robocalls.
Infographic: Robots Call Americans an Average Eight Times a Month | Statista
You will find more infographics at Statista

Current Events

(ABC News) January 2020 Trump signed the anti-robocall act following its bipartisan support in Congress. The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act, or TRACED Act, increases fines on spam robocallers from $1,500 to as much as $10,000 per illegal call.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday urged seven gateway service voice providers to assist in tracking down the originators of illegal foreign robocalls.

Such calls often use “caller ID spoofing” to hide their origin by showing a phone number different from the one where the call was placed, and often purport to be a government number to defraud consumers.

According to Engadget DOJ is trying to stop US VoIP carriers from hosting foreign robocalls

[Excerpt] US Attorney Richard Donoghue said in a statement:

"We are using all available tools and resources to stop foreign call center scammers -- and for the first time their U.S.-based enablers -- from conning elderly and vulnerable victims in New York and throughout the United States. Protecting individuals from schemes that result in catastrophic losses to the victims is a priority of this Office and the Department of Justice."

TAKE ACTION | If you get an illegal robocall, report the call to the FTC at 

According to the FCC, there are some easy steps you can take to help reduce robocalls:

  • Don't answer calls from blocked or unknown numbers.
  • Don't answer calls from numbers you don't recognize.
  • Just because an incoming call appears to be from a local number, doesn't mean it is.
  • Don't respond to any questions that can be answered with a "Yes."
  • If someone calls you and claims to be with XYZ company, hang up and call the company yourself. Use the company's website to find an official number.
  • If you do answer a call and hear a recording such as "Hello, can you hear me?" just hang up.
  • The same goes for a call where you're asked to press a number before being connected to a representative.

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